Health Congress 2017 Workshop

Managing Pain, Illness and Death in cross-cultural environments

Conference Series LLC is delighted to invite you to attend the 12th World Congress on Healthcare and Medical Tourism going to be held on October 16-17, 2017 in Dubai, UAE, emphasizing on sessions like Healthcare Management, Healthcare and Technology, Medical Tourism and Public Health, Mental and Physical Health. Health Congress 2017 is also glad to welcome all the interested members globally to the Workshop on “Managing Pain, Illness and Death in cross-cultural environments” being conducted by Mr. Andres Molina" on October 17,2017 at JW Marriott Dubai, Dubai, UAE.


Though pain assessment and treatment is globally an important concern. The ethnic diversity means clinicians are regularly required to meet the needs of people from different cultures and offer culturally relevant health care. So it is important to understand the effect of race and ethnicity in pain/disease management. This workshop is designed to understand the Cross-cultural differences in many aspects of human behavior and in the prevalence of illness and in healthcare usage so as to assure effective and culturally-sensitive patient care. The topics covered will be:

1. Managing Pain on patients from different cultures.

1.1. Pain Expression across cultures:

1.1.1. How cultures prize High or Low Expression Levels.

1.1.2. Elimination of Pain vs. Elimination of the Cause.

1.2. Understanding Life Stages across cultures to improve Healthcare Quality and pain relief.

1.3. Five cross-culturally coherent strategies for Pain Management.


2. Managing Illness on patients from different cultures.

2.1. Understanding the Range of meanings Illness has across cultures.

2.2. Religious dimensions of Illness:

2.2.1. Experimental.

2.2.2. Ritual.

2.2.3. Ideological.

2.2.4. Intellectual.

2.2.5. Behavioural.

2.3. Adherence to Treatment.


3. Managing Death of patients from different cultures.

3.1. How to determine Death acceptance degree?

3.2. Understandings of the Cause of death.

3.3. What happens with the body? What happens with the soul?


4. Managing Caregiving Relatives:

4.1. Expectations of a relative caregiver from a different culture.

4.2. Dealing with the sense of frustration and powerlessness across cultures.

4.3. Cross-cultural coherent communication tone and message.


Registration Details:

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        Student  (PhD/Research Scholar)


       Academy(Teacher/ Faculty/ Professor)


       Business(Scientist/Industry Delegate)




With basic knowledge in Healthcare and Medical, Pharma sectors that would like to receive a comprehensive overview or refresher in the Healthcare field. The target audience comprises

·         Doctors, Health Professionals, Associations, Societies, NGOs, Directors/ Managers & Business Intelligence Experts, Vice Presidents/ Directors &Brand Manufacturers/ Marketers of Healthcare sector, Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Hospitals and Health Clinics.

·         Professors, Scientists, Researchers and Students from Academia in the study of Healthcare.


Workshop Material

Lunch & Refreshment



Participants will

  • Be able to understand the science behind the disease condition
  • Understand how culture affects the pain experience
  • Understanding of the cultural diversity and pain management
  • Understand the ethnic differences in the metabolism of specific drugs
  • Interact with healthcare providers.

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