Media Partners

iJARS Group is an internationally renowned publishing house and technical event organizer. We are involved in activities such as Publishing Articles through our journals, Organizing Conferences, associating with various Academic and Research Societies for organizing and conducting Conferences and promotions of technical events etc. iJARS Group has been instrumental in highlighting and brining to focus the advanced knowledge and innovative ideas on modern technology for the betterment of society, since its foundation day. We are a collaboration of best of brains which aim to serve the human society through identification and appreciation of Innovative ideas which form the backbone of Research. We have committed ourselves to serve as a bridge between Research, Industry and Academics.

Global Health and Travel is the trusted source of objective information about services offered by internationally accredited healthcare institutions. Through it’s print publication and online medical portal, the firm provides informative coverage on elective procedures like cosmetic surgery and dental treatments, to complex, specialized procedures such as joint replacements for hips and knees, cardiac surgery, cancer care, fertility treatment and more. With a comprehensive medical directory of Asian providers, medical tourism city guides and unparalleled distribution including in-flight on airlines, airport lounges, hotels, spas, medical centers, digital distribution, social media postings and more, Global Health and Travel reaches patients and facilitates the process of connecting care.

My Language Link Corp was founded in 2010. We have vast experience in the fields of Medical and Legal translation and have interpreters who aremembers of CT Partners for Health, NETA, ATA, CHIA and NAJIT. Over the years My Language Link Corp has grown to be one of the most reputable and fastest growing interpreting and Translation Company in Connecticut. Even though we are categorized as a small business no Job is too small or too big to handle. We train our interpreters in order to render the best service possible and maintain the highest levels of professionalism.Our company aims to provide affordable solutions and high quality service to create equitable rights for L.E.P (Limited English Proficiency) individuals. We believe in helping medical and legal providers to clearly and accurately communicate with their clients in their own language to obtain the best outcome in every situation.

Synergy Medical Tourism along is one of the leading Medical Tourism Facilitation company offering end-to-end medical travel and tourism services to Medical tourists, who travel overseas to undergo such Medical procedures, or treatments which are either unavailable or having long waiting period or too expensive in their Home countries. It’s been our privilege to serve citizens from Middle East (Iraq, Oman, and UAE), South Asian and CIS Countries (Afghanistan, Pakistan, Uzbekistan) and Africa (Nigeria, Uganda and Congo).

One of the largest event aggregation platform – Ahmedabad, India- based startup ‘’ has witnessed exponential growth in its 4 years of inception, becoming the most sought after portal in the event discovery domain. Today, ‘’ caters to more than more than 25 million people every year across 30,000 cities of the world to explore events based on their interest. ‘’ has listed and promoted more than 30 million events across the globe, making their digital platform a definitive ready-reckoner for events in more than 100 countries globally.

Evensi is a search engine dedicated to geo-located events. You can find more than 50 million events based on your interests. Worldwide.Discover new events by browsing on the map or let yourself be guided by your own customized dashboard, which suggests the events that are most relevant due to their geographical vicinity and personal interest. Evensi uses an automated semantic algorithm which extracts and evaluates every single event. We’re synced with Facebook, combined with the support of cultural agencies and operators, to guarantee a vast database of events that is continuously updated.