Call for Abstract

10th World Congress on Healthcare & Technologies, will be organized around the theme “Enabling Technologies for Delivering Agile and Cost-Effective Healthcare Outcomes”

Healthcare Summit 2017 is comprised of 20 tracks and 42 sessions designed to offer comprehensive sessions that address current issues in Healthcare Summit 2017.

Submit your abstract to any of the mentioned tracks. All related abstracts are accepted.

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  • Track 1-1Healthcare Industry
  • Track 1-2Healthcare Analytics
  • Track 1-3Healthcare Engineering
  • Track 1-4Healthcare Disparities
  • Track 1-5Healthcare Logistics
  • Track 2-1Primary Care Epidemiology
  • Track 2-2Primary Care Pediatrics
  • Track 2-3Family Medicine and Primary Care
  • Track 2-4Primary Home Care
  • Track 2-5Primary Care Medicine
  • Track 2-6Primary Care Services
  • Track 3-1Public Health Nutrition
  • Track 3-2Public Health Services
  • Track 3-3Public Health Management
  • Track 3-4Public Health Case Studies
  • Track 3-5Public Health Concepts
  • Track 4-1Healthcare risk management
  • Track 4-2Healthcare Adverstising
  • Track 4-3Healthcare Busines
  • Track 4-4Healthcare Leadership
  • Track 4-5Healthcare operations Management
  • Track 5-1Healthcare Trends
  • Track 5-2Advances in Healthcare
  • Track 5-3Future of Healthcare
  • Track 5-4Healthcare Applications
  • Track 5-5Healthcare Solutions
  • Track 6-1Healthcare Billing Services
  • Track 6-2Healthcare Providers
  • Track 6-3e-Healthcare Services
  • Track 6-4International Healthcare services
  • Track 7-1Nursing Informatics
  • Track 7-2Nursing Education
  • Track 7-3Nursing Practice
  • Track 7-4Emergency Nursing
  • Track 7-5Surgical Nursing
  • Track 7-6Clinical Nursing
  • Track 7-7Legal Nursing
  • Track 8-1Sexually Transmitted Infections
  • Track 8-2Reproductive Tract Infections
  • Track 8-3Auto Immune Diseases
  • Track 8-4Skin Infections
  • Track 8-5Occupational Diseases